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Sensitivity - Pleasure Massages



Classic full body massage (50 min)
Through the harmonious touches on the whole body tensions and cramps are released, the mind comes to rest.


Aroma oil massage (50 min)
Gentle full body massage with warm, highly effective oils of your choice.


Stone pine oil massage (50 min)
Stimulates body and mind, increases concentration and reduces pain.


Vital massage with marmot oil (50 min)
Promotes blood circulation, regenerates skin cells, relieves muscle cramps and strengthens the immune system.


Sport massage with arnica oil (50 min)
Has a cooling effect, improves performance, supports muscle regeneration and improves blood circulation.




Relax massage with Saint John’s wort oil (Hypericum) (50 min)
Soothes, relaxes nerves and muscles, helps with back pain.


Head and neck massage (25 min)
Experience how the classic head and neck massage relieves the feeling of tension and makes the head freer and lighter again.


Back massage (25 min)
Has a relaxing effect on the entire body and relaxes the muscles.


Belly massage (25 min)
With this very gentle and deep abdominal massage, slag and toxins are broken down and thus the intestinal flora and the immune system are fundamentally strengthened.


Reflexology (50 min)
By means of selective pressure of the orgasm zones on the feet, the self-healing powers are activated, thereby balancing and detoxifying the entire body.


Sensitivity - special massages


Moserhof special massage (50 min)
Enjoy the combination of classic back massage and reflexology. It relaxes tension and releases emotional blocks. The application comes with aCoconut cream oil combined to increase the depth effect of the treatment. It is especially suitable after sports activities.


Spinal column depth massage (50 min)
This application is one of the most effective in problems of the back muscles and the intervertebral discs. By tightening the meridians blockages are loosened and it comes to a better supply of the individual regions.



Lymphatic drainage
The detoxifying and draining, gentle massage helps especially with congestion and headache.

Partial body (25 min)
Full body (50 min)




Ayurveda (80 min)

This massage takes you into the world of Indian medicine according to the five basic elements. Special warm oils are rubbed in with soothing strokes, whereby the metabolism is stimulated and the body is detoxified. This massage calms the nervous system and provides for energetic balance.


Sensitivity for her & him



Girlfriends among themselves (60 min)
- Cleopatra bath in the softpack-floating bed
- Delightful partial aroma oil massage
- Chatting & resting together with a glass of Prosecco and vegetable sticks with dip


Woman’s business – Pampering massage for her (120 min)
- Facial treatment with relaxing peeling, mask and massage with products tailored to your skin type
- Optional hand or foot massage
- Relaxing sea salt peeling
- Aroma oil massage


Man’s business – Balance-day for him (70 min)
- Men’s facial with peeling and facial massage
- Relaxing back massage with Saint John’s wort oil


For our little guests

Princess & prince’s day
For kids and teenies from 8 to 14 years



Facial treatment (30 min)
with individual peeling and final massage


Power-Massage (25 min)
with warm coconut oil


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